File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 aephem.hHeader file for AEPHEM library
 annual_ab.cCorrect for annual aberration
 calendar.cThis file contains functions for calendar and time conversions
 constel.cInformation on constellation names and boundaries
 coord.cThis file contains functions for performing coordinate transformations
 diurnal_ab.cCorrect for diurnal aberration
 diurnal_px.cCorrect for diurnal parallax
 ear404.cEphemeris for the earth-moon barycentre
 epsilon.cCalculate the obliquity of the ecliptic
 fk4_to_fk5.cConvert FK4 B1950.0 catalogue coordinates to FK5 J2000.0 coordinates
 geocentric.cReduce heliocentric position to geocentric right ascension and declination
 gplan.cRoutines to chew through tables of perturbations
 init.cDefine default orbit structures and do other initialisation
 jpl_eph.cRead JPL ephemeris files
 jup404.cEphemeris for Jupiter
 kepler.cSolve Keplerian orbits
 kfiles.cRead orbital element files
 light_t.cCorrect for light-travel time
 mar404.cEphemeris for Mars
 math_util.cThis file contains mathematical utility functions
 mer404.cEphemeris for Mercury
 mlat404.cEphemeris for the moon
 mlr404.cEphemeris data for the moon
 nep404.cEpheremis Neptune
 nutate.cCorrect for nutation
 parse_iers.cParse IERS files to create object file for AEPHEM
 phys_data.cThis file contains physical data for solar system data
 physical.cThis file contains functionns for computing physical ephemerides
 plu404.cEphemeris for Pluto
 precess.cCorrect for precession
 refrac.cCorrection for atmospheric refraction in visible bands
 relativity.cCorrect for light deflection due to solar gravitation
 sat404.cEphemeris for Saturn
 time_data.cLook-up tables for ae_delta_t() and ae_dut1()
 topocentric.cReduce from geocentric to topocentric coordinates
 ura404.cEphemeris for Uranus
 v_orbit.cCalculate the velocity of an orbit
 ven404.cEphemeris for Venus