Data Fields
ae_orbit_t Struct Reference

For holding information on an orbit. More...

#include <aephem.h>

Data Fields

char name [32]
 Name of the object.
double epoch
 Epoch of orbital elements.
double i
 Inclination, in degrees.
double W
 Longitude of the ascending node, in degrees.
double w
 Argument of the perihelion, in degrees.
double a
 Mean distance (semimajor axis), in AU.
double dm
 Daily motion, in AU per day.
double ecc
double M
 Mean anomaly, in degrees.
double equinox
 Epoch of equinox and ecliptic.
struct ae_plantbl_tptable
 The perturbation tables.
double L
 Computed mean longitude.
double r
 Computed radius vector.
double plat
 Perturbation in ecliptic latitude.

Detailed Description

For holding information on an orbit.

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