Data Fields
ae_jpl_handle_t Struct Reference

For holding information on a JPL ephemeris file. More...

#include <aephem.h>

Data Fields

double start
 JD at which the ephemeris begins.
double end
 JD at which the ephemeris ends.
double step
 Ephemeris step-size, in days.
int n_const
 Number of constants.
double au
 Definition of the AU.
double em_ratio
 Earth-moon ratio.
int ipt [13][3]
 Index pointers to the Chebyshev coefficents.
int ephemeris_version
 Version number.
char ** const_name
 Constant names.
double * const_val
 Constant values.
FILE * fp
 The JPL file being read from.
int is_bin
 Is the file binary or ASCII?
int n_coeff
 Number of Chebyshev coefficients.
int swop
 Do we need to swop bytes?
int rec_size
 Record size.
int last_block_num
 Last block number read.
int max_cheby
 Maximum Chebyshev coefficients for a body.
long ascii_start
 The beginning byte number of the data (ASCII only).
long ascii_len_block
 The length of a block, in bytes (ASCII only).
double sun_pv [6]
 For storing barycentric sun position/velocity.
double sun_pv_t
 The time for which sun_pv was last calculated.
double * block
 A local cache of the most recent block read.
double * pc
 For caching position Chebyshev coefficients.
double * vc
 For caching velocity Chebyshev coefficients.
double last_x
 Value at which coefficients were evaluated.

Detailed Description

For holding information on a JPL ephemeris file.

When an ASCII or binary header is read using ae_jpl_init(), this structure is populated.

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